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How To Fill Live Rosin Carts

How To Fill Live Rosin Carts

You want to fill cartridges with Live Rosin. But how?

Tools required: Mason jar (4-16oz), Convection oven, Heat gun, Syringe or Cartridge filler, Empty cartridges, Oven mitt or tongs (optional).

Step 1.

First, do you already have the Live Rosin in a distillate-like consistency? If so, skip to Step 2.

Getting your rosin to a distillate-like consistency:

  • After you press your rosin, whether into a jar or onto parchment (no difference here) you will want to collect it and put it into a mason jar (4-16oz). Fill the jar up to 75%. Seal the mason jar with the lid tightly.
  • Pre-heat your convection oven to 225-250˚ F.
  • Once your desired temperature is reached, place your sealed jar of rosin into the convection oven to decarb.
  • The time it takes for your rosin to decarboxylate depends on the amount of material and size of jar used. Expect your material to be ready in 10-60 minutes. 
  • You will know your rosin is ready when it has all turned to liquid with tiny bubbles. 
  • Carefully take the jar out of the convection oven using an oven mitt or tongs once you've reach this point.
  • If your rosin has turned to liquid in the oven, you've done it. Simple right? Be sure to keep the jar sealed until you are ready to fill cartridges.

Step 2: 

Filling cartridges with decarboxylated live rosin.

  • Opening the jar of decarbed live rosin will add unwanted oxygen to the material. Only open the jar when you are ready to fill cartridges. 
  • Using a heat gun, apply heat to all sides of the jar as well as the syringe you intend to use for filling the cartridges. Bubbles are our biggest enemy when filling cartridges so this will help to reduce the bubbles.
  • Fill your syringe with the desired amount of live rosin.
  • Apply heat with the heat gun to the filled syringe.
  • Fill your first cartridge between the glass and center post. Be sure to never attempt to fill oil into the center post. 
  • Cap the cartridges after they are filled with your desired amount of live rosin.
  • Invert the cartridges after capping for a period of time up to 24 hours. 

Your live rosin cartridge is ready for use! Enjoy responsibly.

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